September 04, 2012

Tips To Whiten Skin

Having a bright white skin and a dream for every person. Not only women, even men lately also more attention to the color of their skin. Consider it, the more whitening products for men that come on the market. Starting from skin moisturizer (skin moisturizer), face wash (cleanser), and even body soap soap alias. Not inferior to women.

Well, here are some ways that you can use to whiten skin and keep skin white:

    1. Increase the consumption of salmon and green vegetables, like spinach, because it can make the skin burn into generations (increasing the regeneration of the skin).
    2. Mengekfolisasikan skin regularly to peel the dead skin cells. The trick, mix the brown sugar with lemon and olive oil, then apply on the skin surface. Massage, massage gently for a few minutes, then rinse with water. Do it at least once a week.
    3. Using a skin moisturizer (Handbody lotion) containing sun protection (sunscreen).
    4. Using a face mask with papaya material regularly.
    5. Consuming vitamin C and vitamin E on a regular basis to restore the freshness and beauty of the skin.
    6. Using creams to protect the skin from the sun. For example sunblock. Sesukaikan levels sunblock spf in order not to damage your skin.