September 04, 2012

Long Hair Care Tips

Knowing secrets on taking care of long hair can help you maintain healthy hair and suggestions that can help your hair grow long. The first step is to determine your hair type in order to choose the secret to long hair that works for you. Different types have different needs.

Secrets to care for long hair following:
* Do not wash every day. Let the natural oils on the scalp to condition hair naturally. Too much washing can make hair dry.
* Keep styling to a minimum. This means combing and brushing as little as possible in order to keep hair strong.
* Use styling products that add moisture and avoid people who use alcohol.
* Dry your hair with cold setting when using a hair dryer.
* Do not use a traditional metal curling iron or flat iron on your hair weak and brittle.

Thick or Black
Thick, coarse hair can be challenging to stay long. The best approach to protect this type of hair is to wear it in a "protective do" whenever you can. Hairstyles that protect the follicles typically hide ends. Consider some of the following styles:
* Classic bun
* Twists
* Head wrap
* Scarves
* Hats
* Any style that prevents hair from rubbing against clothing

It is not advisable to wear hair up constantly, or when wet, but the style can prevent damage when you will be active.

Long Hair Care Tips
Long hair care tips cover some of the basics are simple to do. Use the brush comb conditioner for your hair before rinsing. This helps the hair absorb all the moisture evenly.