August 31, 2012

Nail Care Tips For Healthy and Beautiful.

Are your nails strong and healthy looking now? Or your nails brittle, coarse-textured and have different colors and shapes with each other? true if the second option then this condition indicates a lack of maintenance performed on the nail. But there is also damage to the nails that would indicate an illness.
But before we learn how to take care of him, we better know first portions of healthy nails.

Part nails
Healthy nails are : 

Nail plate : The outermost layer of a nail 
Nail folds : Skin framing nails
Nail bed  : layer of skin at the bottom of the nail 
Cuticle    :  layer that coats the nails, protects the new keratin cells
 Lunula    :  semicircular portion at the base of the nail

You need to know: As this article was derived has not been a product that instantly makes nails strong and healthy without any treatment you do to it. If you want to keep your nails healthy, here are some things you should know:
1. Do not hurt your nails. Do not use your nails to open something, especially something hard or pull something even matter how hard your nails. 

2. Do not bite your nails. This habit will ruin your nails nail bed. Besides dirty and can make you sick (dirt under the nails can be ingested if you use your hands to eat), these habits will make your nails short, and make the bacteria or fungi can enter the nail bed and the resulting infection. 
3. Protect your nails. If you will be in contact long enough with chemicals, always protect your hands and nails with plastic gloves.
 4. Perform maintenance. Trim nails regularly, do not wait until your nails long. Use a sharp nail cutter, then pengikir to smooth corners. Never take a half cut nails, because it will damage the new tissue formed from your nails. 
5.Berikan moisturizer. Nails as the skin, which also requires a moisturizer. Apply moisturizer on your nails just like when you put hand lotion on your hands. Repeat this process every time you finish washing your hands.
How to Maintain Your nails:

1. To prevent broken nails, nail polish avoid fluid containing chemicals or detergents, as they will make your nails become dry.

2. To speed up the recovery of nails, cut your nails short, rub and apply oil or cream containing vitamin E twice a day. Try not to wear nail polish continuously until three to four weeks. 
3. To get healthy nail color (pink), rub fresh lemon water around the base of the nail.
4. Let your nails 'breathe' or free of nail color. At least one day a week in a month and a week.
5. To prevent brittle nails, soak nails for five minutes in the olive oil or liquid vinerga apple cider (apple cider vinegar), which has been warmed.

Healthy nails can reflect the overall health of our bodies. Take care of him regularly and consume protein are two ways to minimize the risk of brittleness of the nails.
Things to consider in nail care:
1. Before doing the dirty work, like cleaning the house or gardening, plug it into the nail bar soap. It is useful to prevent dirt embedded in the nail and also makes it easier to clean.2. Rub olive oil on your nails whenever you have time to strengthen it.3. Use hand body immediately after washing hands or dishes.4. Keep manicure equipment (product medicure equipment can be seen here) in an enclosed to protect against germs that can cause infection.5. Once in a while, let your nails free from nail polish to make it breathe.6. Use a moisturizer to overcome the dry nails and cuticles.
Restrictions on nails 

1. Do not cut your nails short if you have. 
2. Any reason not to bite my nails 
3. Do not cut your cuticles with scissors
4. Do not clean your nails with sharp objects - use a nail brush to membersikannya. 
5. Do not remove paint nails with sharp objects, you should use a special fluid for nail polish. 
6. Do not let your hands come into contact with detergent for too long. 
7. In order for nail polish last long, when about to shower soften the skin with a little cream.

"Look beautiful and attractive and healthy is the dream of every woman and every man's dream"